Sunday, April 29, 2012

Horseback Riding

Last Friday, my Girl Scout troop went horseback riding at a horseback riding ranch!

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I love horses, and I have always wanted one. Since I don't have one and there is no chance of me getting one any time soon, the next best thing would be to go to a ranch where you can pay to horseback ride.  Luckily, my Girl Scout troop planned such a field trip last week. You can only imagine how thrilled I was! The whole day I could hardly concentrate on my school work in anticipation of the outing right after school. 

When we got to the ranch we were asked to stand in a line, so the horses could choose their riders! This sounded a little strange, but according to our guides if a horse paid attention to you or made eye contact with you, you were the one he/she wanted as its rider! The first horse that was brought out chose me! His name was Gambler and he was a beautiful chestnut colored horse with a mahogany mane.
Once all the Girl scouts, volunteer moms (including mine), and guides had mounted their horses, we started on a one hour ride on a trail through the beautiful hills of the Santa Monica Mountains. It was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed the lovely scenery. All the horses were very sweet and gentle. The only problem was that mine and a couple of others were very hungry and kept going off trail to eat! No amount of pulling on their reins would make them move! Thankfully, we had three very experienced guides who would come to our rescue and would force the horses back on the trail. I had a wonderful time horseback riding and was sad when it ended. I can't wait to go back.

Me riding on Gambler


The trail
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Have you been horseback riding before?

If so, when was the last time you went and where did you go?

If not, would you like to go horseback riding?


  1. Dear Hannah,
    My name is Hailey. Horseback riding looks like a lot of fun. I bet you had a great time.

    1. @ Hailey,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! Horseback riding is a lot of fun, and I enjoy doing it!


    2. Hi Hannah,
      I horse ride too!
      I already jump and stuff, please check out my blog on horse riding at:

  2. Dear Hannah joon,

    What a fun activity you participated in with your Girl Scout troop! I would have loved to have been there with you!

    Just like you, I love horses. They are truly magnificent animals. I haven't gone horseback riding in many years, and because I have a bad back I don't think I will be going any time soon. When I was younger I did a fair amount of horseback riding , and I really enjoyed it. As you said it's lovely to be out in nature, enjoying the scenery. I don't know if your mom has told you this, but when we were growing up in Iran we did a lot of mule and donkey riding at our country house on the weekends, in the summer, or on school holidays. Mule and donkey riding are just as fun as a leisurely horseback ride.

    I am so amazed that the horses pick their riders! I had never heard of such a thing.

    I am always so happy to read about your fun adventures with your family, friends or school. This post is no exception. Thank you for sharing your wonderful horseback riding adventure.

    Much love,
    Khaleh Minoo

    1. Dear Khaleh Minoo,

      Thank you for once again writing a quality comment for me! I would really have loved if you were there with me, and I am sure you'd enjoy being on a horse again!

      Actually, my mom has told me that you did a lot of mule and donkey riding in Iran. I think she was happy to go horseback riding because it brought back childhood memories and because of the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

      I was also very surprised to hear that the horses would be choosing their riders, but now that I think of it it might be a little disastrous if the horse didn't like their rider!


  3. Hi Hannah

    I have been riding before. My last time that I went was at Mountain Valley adventure lodge with my class.It was really fun. I rode a house called Toby he was really tall.
    Do you have any advice for me.
    Please visit my blog
    Love to hair back from you

    1. @ Katrina,

      Thank you for leaving a comment for me!

      I am glad that you had so much fun horseback riding with your class! Was it fun riding on a really tall horse? When I went horseback riding we had stand on a platform so we could get on our horses.


  4. Awesome Hannah,
    How funny is this this, my name is Hannah and I love riding Horses.
    It is my Hobby.
    last time I went horse riding I went at Mountain valley camp site and I had a blast.
    I really loved reading your story and hope will get in touch.

    1. @ Hannah,

      Thank you for writing a comment for me! What a coincidence! My name is Hannah and so is yours, and we both love horseback riding!

      I like to go horseback riding more than once or twice a year. It sounds like you had a lot of fun at Mountain Valley Camp!

      How many times do you go horseback riding in a year?


  5. Wow Cool blog!Do you like horse riding?

    1. @ Charlotte,

      Thank you for writing a comment on my blog and for the generous compliments! I do like horseback riding!

      Do you like it?


  6. Dear Hannah,
    I am Felicity from parkvale school and this year my class went to a camp called Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge it had fishing, rafting, archery and shooting not to forget horseback riding it was so cool. I had a horse called Bigmac he was 29 years old he was a bout to retire. If you are wondering how a horse retires then I will tell you. It is when they are 30 years or older and they go into a special paddock with some other retired horses. Please visit my class blog and mine, to get to my class blog go to this link. My blog is this link, we will be waiting for your comments.

    1. @ Felicity,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! It sounds like you had a lot of fun at Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge! I would love to go someday!

      Was Bigmac a very mellow horse because of his age? I definitely did not ride on a mellow horse!


  7. Hi Hannah
    My name is Natasha.
    I live in Hastings.
    Wow I would love to do horseback riding.
    Where was the horseback ranch?

  8. Hi Hannah
    I really like you story it sounded like you had a awesome time:)
    Gambler is really funny he likes to eat a lot.

    I am Courtney Jack
    from Parkvale school
    I am 9 years old.

  9. That sound so cool Hannah.
    I love your pitchers.
    I have been horse riding but not horseback riding.
    What was the best thing you sore?

  10. Dear Hannah,

    I was so pleased so see you have a new post! Your Girl Scout Troop does so many wonderful activities! How long have you been a scout?

    Horses are beautiful animals! When I turned 40, I wanted to do something exciting that I'd never done before. So...I went to a dude ranch and went on a cattle drive! A cattle drive is where cowboys and cowgirls (ranchers) use horses to move a herd of cattle from one place to another. We moved about 300 head of cattle from one pasture to another. I felt like a real cowgirl, and I'll never forget that experience.

    What did they recommend that you do when the horses started to eat?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a quality comment for me! I have been a Girl Scout for two years, and as soon as I finish this school year I will have been a scout for three years.

      Horses are really wonderful animals, I love them! It is amazing that you were able to go to a ranch and could go on a cattle drive. Wow! It is astonishing that you could move 300 cattle from one pasture to another! I would love to go on a cattle drive, maybe I can ask my mom if we can go.

      When the horses ate, the guides told us to pull the reins away from the grass, but my horse was stubborn and kept tossing his head when I steered away from the grass!

      Your former student,

  11. Dear Hannah,

    I have to tell you my name this is funny,
    it is Hannah as well as your's. I am from 4KM and 4KJ.

    I have never been horseback ridind before but it sounds fun.

    My mum Rachel loves to go horse ridding and we used to live on a farm and we had two horse.

    Happy Blogging,

  12. Hi Hannah!!
    My name is Katherine. I love your post and I love the horses on it. The last time I went horseback riding was at Mountain Valley Camp with Room 20 and Room 14. I rode on Indy. We went on a long route. After we came back to the ranch I got off and Indy lost a bit of balance and stood on my foot. It hurt but I didn't cry. Have you been stood on by a horse?

    Cheers Kazza
    ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮ ☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮

  13. Dear Hannah,

    Hello, I'm Skye from 4KJ, Australia. I love your blog! It's so colourful. The jellybeans make me hungry. J

    I have rode a horse before. It was at a birthday party. There were three horses, one big, one medium and one small. I can't remember their names though. It was fun going around in circles on the tracks and patting the horse you were on.

    My mum was horse crazy when she was younger! As she got older she entered competitions and got many horses. I remember she told me one of them was called Alpha. My mum loved braiding or plaiting his mane.

    Do you think you will ever enter any competitions?

    I have a blog and this is the address if you have time to visit:

    Your blogging buddy from down under,


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