Monday, January 30, 2012

My Field Trip to the San Buenaventura Mission

On Friday, I took a field trip to the San Buenaventura Mission with my class!

San Buenaventura Mission

A big part of the California fourth grade standards are to study California's history. Right now we are studying California's 21 missions which were established in California between 1769 and 1823 by Spanish Catholics. They were places where missionaries taught Christianity to the Native Americans of California.

Each student chose a mission to study, I chose San Juan Capistrano which is about an hour and a half from my house. In the next month or two I will be visiting it with my family. But for a field trip my class visited the San Buenaventura Mission.

The San Buenaventura Mission was founded on March 31, 1782. It was meant to be the 3rd mission founded, but its founding was postponed due to lack of military escorts for thirteen years, making it the ninth mission.  Its founding father was Junipero Serra, who founded eight other missions before San Buenaventura. During the mission's peak year they had  23,400 cattle, 12,144 sheep, and 4,493 horses. Today only a small section of the original mission still stands.

My class took a tour of the mission, and we learned a little bit about how the Native Americans and the missionaries lived and worked.  During the visit, one lady taught everyone how to use a loom to weave. I thought that was the most fun part of  the field trip.  We also learned how to process wool into yarn through a series of combing steps called carding. The cards look like brushes you would use on a dog!

I really enjoyed my visit to the San Buenaventura Mission and can't wait to visit the San Juan Capistrano one!

I am weaving

Carding to process wool into yarn

El Caballo, one of the oldest structures in California.
It is where Native Americans would filter their water.

Had you heard of California missions before reading this post?

Have you been to a mission?

If you are a California fourth grader, what mission are you doing a report on?


  1. Minoo (Hannah's aunt)January 31, 2012 at 11:56 AM

    Dear Hannah joon

    What a wonderful post about California missions! I learned so much by reading your post. I had no idea that there are 21 missions in California and I knew very little about their purpose.

    Thank you for sharing your visit to the San Buenaventura Mission. After reading your post and seeing the photos, I would love to visit it some day. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the field trip so much. How wonderful that your school provides such amazing learning experiences for its students.

    I am glad that you're going to be visiting the San Juan Capistrano Mission with your family. I also hope that you visit the Santa Barbara Mission. It is the only one I have ever visited and it is definitely worth visiting as it is magnificent.

    Will you be doing a report on the San Juan Capistrano Mission?

    Khaleh Minoo

    1. Dear Khaleh Minoo,

      As always, I am happy to hear from you! I am so glad that you found my post informative.

      I feel very fortunate to go to a school that provides so many amazing field trips. As for the Santa Barbara Mission, my mom tells me that she will take me there in the near future.

      Yes, I will be doing a report on the San Juan Capistrano Mission. My family and my teacher feel it would help me on my report if I visited it.


  2. Dear Hannah,

    We really enjoyed reading your post and looking at your interesting photographs.

    Some of us have never heard of the California Mission System. Two of us have. We know about the California Mission System because we have siblings who are in fourth grade. Mrs. Yollis has heard of the California Missions because she was once in fourth grade.

    We have some questions.

    Sarah: Did you see a well?
    Alexandra: Can you go inside the El Caballo?
    Leila: What were you making on the loom?
    Kelly: How do you weave?
    Atrina: Why did you like weaving so much?
    Mrs. Yollis: Would you have wanted to live at a mission?

    Your interested friends,
    Mrs. Y♥llis, Leila, Alexandra, Atrina, Kelly, and Sarah

    1. @ Mrs. Y♥llis, Leila, Alexandra, Atrina, Kelly, and Sarah,

      Thank you for leaving a comment!

      The California Mission System is very interesting, and I think that all of you (except Mrs. Yollis because she has already been in fourth grade) will find it just as interesting as I have when you get in fourth grade. My favorite part about the mission reports are choosing the mission you want to study. There is a wide variety as there are 21 missions, and they are all unique in their own ways.

      Sarah, I did not see a well there, but there might be one in the part of the mission my class didn't tour.

      Alexandra, you couldn't go inside El Caballo, but I don't think you'd like to go in there, it's very dark.

      Leila, I was making a blanket on the loom. In my opinion it was the most enjoyable part of the field trip.

      Kelly, weaving is a bit difficult to explain without a loom nearby to show you how to use it, but I will do my best to explain. First you check what pattern you are using, then pull some numbered levers according to the pattern, that will create a space where you pull some yarn through. After that you use a bar to straighten the pattern.

      Atrina, I liked weaving because it was a new thing to me, it was simpler than it sounded, and you don't see it very often.

      Mrs. Yollis, I don't think I would have liked living at a mission because the missionaries there treated the Native Americans very badly.


  3. Dear Hannah,

    Thank you for this wonderful post as I have not heard of the California Mission.

    Your photos which you included in your post really bought it to life for me.
    I am with you I feel I would have liked to have a go at the weaving.

    It is always wonderful to learn which I sure have with this post of us Hannah.

    From your pal down under,

    1. @ AA,

      As always, I am glad to hear from you! I am happy I taught you something new.

      The weaving was so much fun that I asked my mom to buy me a loom. We looked at some on the internet, the inexpensive ones didn't look very good, and the good ones were very expensive. We'll keep looking, and maybe some day we'll get lucky enough to find a good inexpensive loom!


  4. Dear Hannah,

    I am taking a class at The University of South Alabama. One of the assignments includes commenting on students posts. I was very impressed with your post. It was well written and included interesting pictures. I am glad that you enjoyed your field trip to San Buenaventura Mission. I hope on your visit to San Juan Capistrano Mission you learn and experience as much as you can. I hope the visit helps you on your report. If your report is written anything like this post I am sure it will be excellent. You can visit my blog here. Best wishes in your future.

    Robert Fisher


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