Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Ski Trip to Arrowhead and Big Bear

Every year during the winter holidays my family goes on a ski trip. This year we stayed in Lake Arrowhead, and skied in Big Bear, California.
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Last year, during the winter holidays, my family and I skied at Cyprus Mountain and in Whistler, British Columbia. This year we decided to stay local. We stayed in a beautiful resort in Lake Arrowhead and skied in Big Bear Lake. 

Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful mountain resort located in the San Bernardino Mountains, California. It hosts about 4 million tourists a year, who can enjoy backpacking, hiking, bicycling, both water and snow skiing or just walking and shopping in its cozy village.

During my family's stay in Lake Arrowhead we walked by the lake, shopped and enjoyed good food in the village, spent some quality time in our beautiful hotel, and went inner-tubing in the snow at a nearby inner tube park .

Leila and I on the dock at Lake Arrowhead

For two out of the four days we spent in the mountains we went skiing in Big Bear Lake. We would wake up early in the morning to beat the crowds and the traffic and then drive forty-five minutes to the Snow Summit ski resort in Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear Lake was inhabited by Serrano Indians for 2,000 years before explorers arrived. It got its name because it was populated by Grizzly bears which unfortunately have not been found in the region since 1908. Just like Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear Lake is also a beautiful mountain destination, offering everything Lake Arrowhead offers plus two wonderful ski resorts, Snow Summit and Bear Mountain. 

My family skied at Snow Summit which has more intermediate runs, where Leila and I are more comfortable. This was not a good year in terms of snow fall, but all the resorts were making snow, so skiing was still pretty good and we had a wonderful time.

I am looking at a beautiful view on the deck of a restaurant on top of Snow Summit

Leila and I at the bottom of the mountain

Do you ski or snowboard?

If so, what is your favorite part about the sport?

If you ski or snowboard where do you usually go?

Have you ever been to Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake?