Monday, May 30, 2011

My New Blog Mascot


Hello! I am Popsicle, Hannah's new blog mascot! I am 1 year old, and I was born March 23, 2010.  

I have lots of blog mascot friends:
Panda, Bunny, Mr. NYMr. CA, and Angel Face!

I do a lot of things with Hannah. Here are a few:

I helped her make her sculpture of Sally Ride for Open House.
 I spend time with Connor and her.
I do homework with her.
I bake cupcakes with her.
If you had a blog, what would your mascot be, and what would you name it?
For those of you who have a blog, what is your blog mascot, and what did you name it?


  1. Hello Popsicle,

    welcome to the world of blogging.
    For you have a very important job to do as been Hannah's mascot and a cute one at that.

    From what I have read about you your a super mascot and I just cannot get over all the wonderful things you have already done with Hannah!
    I have to say I loved the fact you can bake cupcakes! you sure are one very cute and clever mascot.

    Am looking forward to reading all about the wonderful other things you and Hannah get up to in the coming months.

    From someone who needs to get a mascot AA.

  2. Dear Popsicle,

    I'm very excited that Hannah now has a mascot. You might like to hear that I too am a blog mascot. My blog is called Maybe you want to go check it out. Do you like being a blog mascot so far?

    Mr. CA

  3. Dear Popsicle,

    This is one of your best buds, Angel Face! Hannah is very lucky to have you as her blog mascot, and so is Adia lucky to have me as a blog mascot! (I don't mean to brag.)

    What a magnificent sculpture of Sally Ride that you helped Hannah make!

    Connor must love having you as a friend! Do you share food with Connor and have play dates with him? If so, have you ever tried some dog food? What was it like? What is your favorite activity that you enjoy participating in with Connor?

    Fortunately, Adia and I have tried the scrumptious cupcakes that you bake with Hannah. Great Job! They are the best that we have ever in our lives tasted.

    Well, if I had a blog, which I sort of do with Adia, I would name my mascot Lucky because I would be lucky to have a blog mascot like her. It would most likely be a turtle.

    I guess I can answer for my outstanding owner that Adia does have a blog, her blog mascot is me, and my name is Angel Face.

    Hope you can write another post, Popsicle!

    Angel Face

  4. Dear Hannah,

    Your post is great! Popsicle is a very cute, and I think you chose an excellent name for him. Your mascot is very noisy!

    If I had a mascot it would be a dog and I would name him Romeo, like my dog.


  5. Dear Hannah,

    Popsicle is so cute! I love how it chirps, I like how it's pink, and it is on your side bar.

    I sleep with a Club Penguin puffle, and if I had a blog Pinky would have been my mascot. Pinkey is the puffle's name and the puffle's color. Pinkey loves to sing, dance, and she loves to play Who's Got Talent? (a game I made up).

    Your friend,

  6. Dear Hannah,

    Your blog is cool because you have a cute team mascot. Popsicle is an amazing bird!


  7. Dear Hannah and Popsicle,

    I LOVE the color of you Popsicle. It is really pretty. You are a beautiful bird. It is interesting to think that you, Conner, and Popsicle play together. Does Conner ever hug Popsicle? Does Popsicle get squished if Conner hugs Popsicle?



  8. Dear Hannah,

    I love your post!

    I do not have a blog, but I want to have one. I would name my mascot Pingi , and it would be a penguin. My mascot would also wear a hat, so when we go places, he would not get sun burned. Your post brought my day up.

    Second,I love your wonderful mascot.

    Last, I love your pictures of things you two did.

    I have some questions for you.

    How long did you have Popsicle?

    Do you Like having a mascot?



  9. Dear Hannah,

    Your post is awesome!

    One thing I like about Popsicle is her fluffy fur. If I had a blog my mascot would be my elephant. My elephant's name is Eli. She likes to dance, sing, and play handball. Also she likes to sleep with a purple-hearted blanket. Her favorite book is The Gingerbread M an.

    I have a question for you:
    How did you come up with this mascot?

    Your Friend,

  10. @ AA,

    Thank you for leaving a comment for me, and thank you for all your wonderful compliments!:)

    You are right, I already have done lots of fun activities with Hannah. I think that baking cupcakes was on of the best!

    Soon Hannah is going to put up a poll of what we should do next.

    Do you have any ideas of what we could do next?

    ✿ ☮ ☼ Popsicle ✿ ☮ ☼

  11. @ Mr. CA,

    Thanks for leaving a comment for me!

    I am very familiar with your blog and a couple weeks ago I learned that you became a blog mascot.

    I love being a blog mascot! I enjoy having fun adventures with Hannah!

    How do you like being a mascot?

    ✿ ☮ ☼Popsicle✿ ☮ ☼

  12. @ Popsicle,

    Thank you for taking the time out to write me a reply.
    For I can see you are sure going to be one very busy mascot.

    Now, to answer your question. I would love for you to write about what is the best thing about been a mascot. Or what do you feel your role is as a mascot. (a rather cute one at that)
    Also I really do love the fact you do cook with Hannah maybe you could share some of your ideas about cooking.

    Will be looking forward to reading what ever you do with Hannah.

    Yours truly,

  13. @ Angel Face,

    Thanks for your compliments! I think Adia is very lucky to have you as a mascot! (I don't think you were bragging).

    I think Connor does like having me as a friend! We do spend a lot of time with each other! I actually have tried dog food, it tastes horrible! I don't know how dogs eat that food! I prefer chick feed.

    Sometimes Connor and I race (he always wins!), but I like catching sticks the best! (I think people call it "Fetch". I don't know why.)

    I am glad that you enjoyed the cupcakes Hannah and I made! I will make some more soon!

    Hannah and I will put up a poll soon to determine my next post. What will your next post be?

    Your best friend,

  14. Dear Popsicle,

    lovely to meet you how are you enjoying been a mascot.
    I noticed your were chripping a lot so I feed you hope your were happy with that.

    I have a question do like been the colour pink and do you have any brothers or sisters?

    Well lovely meet you keep in touch.

    From Snowflake.
    Bianca's Mascot!

  15. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮
    @ Miriam,

    Thank you for your compliments!

    I think getting a dog mascot would be a great idea, especially if it would have your dog's name, Romeo!

    Your friends,
    ✿☮☼Hannah and Popsicle✿☮☼

  16. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿
    @ Kristen,

    Thank you for your thoughtful compliments!

    I think it would be fun to have a Puffle as a mascot! Popsicle likes that your Puffle is pink just like her.

    The game you made up (Who's Got Talent?) sounds really fun!

    Your friends,
    ✿☮☼Hannah and Popsicle✿☮☼

  17. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼
    @ Alie,

    Thank you for leaving a comment! We appreciate your kind words.

    I agree with you Popsicle is an amazing bird!

    Your friend,

  18. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼
    @ Ileanna,

    We are happy that you like Popsicle's color!

    Conner has never hugged Popsicle, but Popsicle almost got squished because Conner almost stepped on her! He is usually very gentle with Popsicle, so even if he did hug her he would be very gentle.

    Your friend,

  19. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼
    @ Lindsay,

    Wow, thank you for all your wonderful compliments!

    I think a penguin would be a great mascot! Pingi is an awesome name, and I really like the idea of a hat!

    I have had Popsicle since she was born (March 23, 2010)!

    I love having a mascot! It is a lot of fun doing things together!

    Your friend,

  20. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮
    @ Nicole,

    Thank you for writing a comment! I am glad that you like Popsicle's fluffy feathers, I like them too!

    Eli sounds really cute! An elephant that dances must be really fun to watch!

    I came up with Popsicle because she was really cute!

    Your friend,

  21. ✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮☼✿☮
    @ AA,

    I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing them with me! I will be doing one of those really soon!


  22. ☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃
    @ Snowflake,

    It is great to meet you too! I am really enjoying being a mascot!

    I was very happy when you fed me, I was very hungry! Thank you!

    I love my pink color! I don't have any brothers or sister, I am an only chick! I don't get lonely though, I can play with Hannah, Connor, or Leila (Hannah's sister).

    Your friend,

  23. Dear Hannah,

    Great post! I want a blog mascot and I am going to get one. I hadn't chosen what it would be yet. I am hoping to get a post about my new blog mascot and what it is. When all the other blogs that I visit started to get a blog mascot they inspired me to want one. I seen Angel Face and now theres Popsicle. Popsicle is so cute. I hope when I get the post up Popsicle and Angel face could be Blogging Friends or Blogging Buddies. Keep up the good work! Happy Blogging!

    Best Wishes,
    Taylor :D in Mr. Salsich's class


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