Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eclipse, a Pup in Training for Guide Dogs of America

Conner, Leila, and me.

My four year old yellow Labrador Retriever, Conner, brings a lot of love and joy into my life. We adopted him from a shelter when he was one. Everyday I look forward to coming home and playing with him. As important as he is in my life, there are a group of dogs that are a lot more important to their owners because of the way they transform their lives. They are the guide dogs for the blind.

On Wednesday, January 5th a speaker from Guide Dogs of America and her cute little pup in training, Eclipse, visited our school for a presentation for my Girl Scout troop. Eclipse is a 7 month old Black Retriever. In fact, because of their willingness to please and trainability, the majority of guide dogs are Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers.

Guide Dogs of America is a nonprofit organization that is supported solely by donations. They don't receive any funding from the government. They provide guide dogs for free to blind individuals. With the help of their loving guide dogs these men and women can live happier and more productive lives.  In addition, guide dogs make great companions!

Eclipse and his trainer.

Eclipse and me. Everyone in my troop got a chance to pet Eclipse!

It costs $42,000.00 to train a guide dog and match it with its new blind partner. Most of the training is provided by volunteers,  just like the lady who trains Eclipse. As I mentioned before, Guide Dogs of America relies on donations to provide these wonderful companions. If you would like to know more about this organization and perhaps make a donation please visit :

Do you know anyone who has a guide dog?

Have you seen a guide dog before?

Are you familiar with Guide Dogs of America?

After reading this post, what is your opinion of the Guide Dogs of America organization?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Winter Vacation

I spent one week of my winter vacation in British Columbia, Canada with my family. We visited Vancouver and Whistler both of which were 2010 Winter Olympic venues. My family and I skied in Whistler and at Cyprus Mountain in Vancouver.

British Columbia is known as Beautiful British Columbia, I agree with that description. Everywhere we went the views were amazing. I took many photos, I hope you enjoy the ones that I chose to share with you.

Leila and I at our hotel in Whistler.  It  was one of the venues for the 2010 Winter Olympics.                                                                                                      

In this photo, I had just finished ski school in Whistler. The red band on my leg is a GPS device that keeps track of all the kids in ski school!

This photo was taken in our hotel after a long day of skiing in Whistler.

Whistler Village, outside of a store.

The Olympic rings in Whistler. That's me in the middle!

Skiing down Whistler mountain.

The Olympic rings at  Cyprus Mountain, a ski resort in West Vancouver.  This was  another venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

A spectacular view from  Cyprus Mountain. That's the ocean in the background!

Colorful Canadian currency! In the picture you don't see a 1 dollar bill because Canada has only a 1 dollar coin!

Have you been to Canada?

If so, where?

Have you ever skied before?

What did you do on your vacation?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Blog

Dear visitors,

Welcome to my new blog!  I am very excited to share my blog with you. I am a third grader in Mrs. Yollis' class in California. I live with my parents, my little sister, Leila, and my yellow lab, Conner. I love to read, play soccer, ski, and do karate.

I will try to post as often as I can about my hobbies, travels, and other special and exciting events in my life. Please check out my gadgets and my Voki. I am looking forward to reading your comments, so please don't be shy and leave me as many comments as you would like!

I would like to thank Mrs. Yollis for giving me a blog. She has taught me so much about blogging. I really appreciate her guidance and patience in teaching me to blog.

I have had a lot of fun reading and commenting on other blogs, I hope you have as much fun reading and commenting on mine.

Do you have any hobbies?

Do you participate in any sports?

Do you have any pets?

If you don't have a pet would you like one?

Happy blogging,